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$119.00 USD
Dell PowerEdge Intel 24 Thread 24 GB Dedicated Server Plus Unlimited Bandwidth
Dell PowerEdge Rack Mountable 1U Server Model C1100 with Unlimited Bandwidth (Un-Metered).
> Two Intel XEON L5639 series Twelve Thread Processors (Total 24 Threads) .
> 24 GB PC3-10600R Memory (Expandable to 24 GB).
> 250 GB Hard Drives. Expandable upto 8 TB (4 x 2TB drives). Add upto 3 Drives.
> 32 and 64 Bit Windows, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, VMware, CPanel, GoAudoDial, and many other Operating systems.
> 64 Bit Windows and Centos Servers are assigned in one Hour on an average.
> 100% Dedicated DELL Server with Full root Access.
> 100 mbps LAN connection with Unlimited Bandwidth. Upgrade to 1000 mbps.
> 24/7 Live support and Server Monitoring. 24/7 Chat and Email support.
> MySQL and full Server Backup options. Firewall options. Premium support options.
> IPKVM Control Panel with easy access buttons for Start/Stop/Restart Server remotely.
> Monthly Rental Price with No Setup fee. Month to Month Contract.
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